This is a website to consolidate all of CureGecko's services and info. CureGecko is a hobbyst programmer who loves anime and does anime related services.

Pixiv Animation Downloader

This is a simple perl script that downloads pixiv animations and converts them over to the format of your choice. If you would like additional format support, please contact me.

Supported codecs are mkv, webm, gif, png.

Install the following in cpan:
cpan install LWP::Useragent JSON::Parse Archive::Extract Archive::Zip File::Glob Image::Magick

Download and install (Optional)

Mac OS X
brew install imagemagick
brew install ffmpeg
brew install mkvtoolnix

apt-get install ffmpeg imagemagick mkvtoolnix

Crunchyroll Calendar

This is a calendar for Crunchyroll releases. It has alerts already configured, you just need to add to your favorite calendar program.

Regular Free Calendar:
Premium Content Calendar:
Calendar Database:

There is an calendar for all of everything CR has released, however I do not want you to use it for anything other than a 1 time download. Simply add -all to the urls above.