Booru Search FAQ

While I have received no questions so far, I have put together this FAQ of questions I think will be asked.

Booru Site Provider Questions

You own a Booru Site, and want to know a few things. Here are some FAQ for you.

Can you add our ads to our posts?

Yes. Just contact me with the information here.

Would you like better API access?

ABSOLUTELY YES! Please contact me here.

Can you add our site to your database?

I will have to look at your site to see if it provides the quality I like here. Please contact me here.

Can you remove my site from your database?

It's so hard I prefer not too... See information about adding ads to try to make some money from here.

Image Search Usage

Tags are by default prefixed with a + meaning that each word is required in a post for it to be found.

If you wish not to have a + in-front, and have it be an optional word, you can add the keyword OR which will force it to not prefix with anything.

Prefixing with a - will exclude any posts containing that word.

Putting multiple words in quotes will include any posts which contains those words in that specific sequence.

Searching for two words with a _ as spaces will automatically put quotes.

To search for every image that is questionable or safe, but not explicit. Set rating to any and then add the tag -e. Same works for safe or explicit but not questionable etc...

Questions for Developer

What is this warning about referrals being allowed?

Many booru sites seems to block people who come from a website other than it's own (anti hot linking), so I force people to change their browser settings to allow them to view their images without having to proxy them.

FireFox Instructions

Install RefControl and choose to block in it's preferences.

Chrome Instructions

Install Referer Control and in it's options, add* for to and from and block.

Do you have logs?

I do not. If you're worried about logs, use a VPN or some sort of proxy to anonymize yourself.

Where is the server located?

The United States

What booru sites are supported?

The following sites are supported:

Can you add another booru site?

Yes, but as said above I'll need to check for quality. Contact me here.

Who are you?

I am Cure Gecko, a hobbyist programmer.

How can I contact you?

If you wish to contact me, you can use the following:



On IRC at Rizon as CureGecko